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James completed a BA Honors in Fine Art at Loughborough University in 2011 and currently lives and works in Norfolk, England.


Artist Statement

James is a multi disciplinary artist. His work explores a world of primal matter and familiar structures with unknown origins that create a sense of wonder and mystery. James pierces the facade of our every day world with his esoteric paintings and charcoal works that blur the lines between sculpture and painting. These works plunge us into a deep dream like world, inhabited only by enigmatic monolithic structures and long forgotten sculptures. In this world the makers mark is evident but the maker is not, unknown origins speak of lost civilisations, presenting more questions than they give answers as structures appear untouched by time. Both facets of this work allude to a greater metaphor for mans mark upon the world, of our insatiable use of natural resources and our relentless greed for material wealth.

This body of work is woven with a perception of the simple elements from our world, stone, water, ice, fuel and fire, moulding them together with the power of ancient structures. Look closely and you will see James has created deeper metaphors than at first appear.