Early Works



Primal matter takes on the form of omnipotent structures, using the familiar to create an alien landscape. Deprived of information we are left to wonder if what we see has been placed or revealed by time. We must ask are these structures a metaphor for the mark of man upon the earth, alluding to our lasting impact on our planet, or a metaphor for man himself.


Drifting monuments symbolise lost faiths, but allude to our continuing worship of material wealth. Pyramids represent worship, but at the same time hierarchy. As well as referring to materialism and social hierarchy the pyramids here serve as a deeper metaphor for people as individuals and all of mankind. The veins in the marble being representational of our own. In this sense, the Pyramid, man and civilisation could be thought of as one.


Perfect structures stand firm, misplaced against the rugged landscape that threatens to swallow them. There is always a sense of impending doom for these objects. We are given the sense that we are being granted a window into their last moments.